Godot Wild Jam was born out of a desire to see more games made with the Godot Engine. It has grown to be the world’s largest Godot Engine based game jam, running for 9 days every month. I chose 9 days so as to be more accommodating to people maintaining a job, family, etc. Providing two full weekends to work on a project without the pressure of everything has provided stable and healthy growth for our community. My goal with the jam is to foster a place of learning while striving to be more inclusive and diverse for the games industry in general. I also want to be a vocal advocate for accessibility in games and have recently included it as a ranked category within the jam. I hope other jams will follow suit.

The jam has successfully ran for 3+ years with a Discord server of 4,000+ people in it. It is organized, moderated, and maintained by myself and a couple of hand picked moderators.

To keep up to date with the jam, join our Discord!

To learn more about how the jam functions and has grown, watch my conference talk below from GodotCon 2021!

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