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the cards we're dealt

the cards we're dealt cover

the cards we’re dealt is a relaxing card game where the goal of the player is to balance their emotions. It was created in the Godot Engine for Ludum Dare, using the theme “Unstable.”

Whenever the player is ready, they select a floating card in the river to start the scenario. It will flip over and reveal 3-5 action cards. Each action card has a series of outcomes tied to it. When an action card is chosen, the outcome selected for the player is based on their current emotional mindset. This provides a unique challenge and replayability for the player.

We had a team of four and were very proud of what we created. Our programmer on the team created a resource system that allowed me to easily write and add scenarios. The game was praised during the ratings of Ludum Dare for its art, music, and general ambiance, ranking 40th out of nearly 3,000 games for its mood. With such encouragement, we have continued development on the game to see where it goes.

the card we're dealt gameplay

Nuvalis Campaign Trail

Final UI

Nuvalis Campaign Trail, or NCT, is a fantasy campaign simulator. Take the role of someone who is campaigning across the Nuvalis kingdom to become the next Chief Crown Minister.  Players will travel the kingdom, hear the problems of the people, and make choices that will win or lose their support in the upcoming election.

The map in the game is procedurally generated with a variety of generators. There are generators for the name, population, number of political groups, types of political groups, and where it’s located on the map.

A scenario in the game is chosen based on the generated settlement. The scenario gives a brief description of the situation and then three choices (see screenshots below). Based on the choice chosen, different political groups will perceive the player in a different light and will either continue to support the player or switch their vote. The player has 14 turns, or scenarios, they can go through, since it’s meant to replicate the idea of a campaign trail. A colored line will chart the player’s path throughout the land.

For this project, I designed, programmed, and created half of the game using the Godot Engine. Specifically, I created the script reading/writing mechanics as well as writing a majority of the scenarios and their accompanying dialogue. I designed the UI and developed the tutorial.

My partner on the project created the music, SFX, map generation, and general bug hunting. This project was created for the first anniversary of the Godot Wild Jam. Some future goals/ideas we had for the game were to add an AI that also traveled through the land and competed against you in the game. Not only would you have to charm the townsfolk, but you’d need to do it better than your opponents.

Battlegrounds: Ascension

Collection Screen of Battlegrounds: Ascension

Battlegrounds: Ascension is a persisting RPG auto-battler mobile game. It was created in the Unreal Engine and is available on the Google Play Store. Rather than losing your units after a battle, you collect more copies of them to create stronger versions and Ascend those units.

While I wore many hats on the project, one role I volunteered for was to create dialogue for the characters. Unfortunately, many of the revised lines did not make it into the project. Yet, it was still valuable time spent learning how to write flavor text and VO lines, especially when narrative design is not at the forefront of the game.

Computer Doctor 2000

Computer Doctor 2000 Dialgoue

Computer Doctor 2000 is a 3D walking simulator/puzzle game created in the Godot Engine. It was created for the Godot Wild Jam, using the theme “Inside the Machine.”

You are a computer repair person, and you jump inside a machine to fix it. You meet three different characters (a resister, diode, and capacitor). Each part needs fixed, and after talking to them, they help you fix the computer.

My only role in the game was to create the dialogue and provide feedback on the dialogue box’s design. It was fun to create personalities for inanimate objects and watch them come to life.