Published Works

Battlegrounds: Ascension, 2021

Role(s): Game Designer/Producer/QA Lead

Ascension Skill Trees

Battlegrounds: Ascension is a deck-building auto-battler developed by FlashForward Games. It is currently in early access on the Google Play Store. It is a unique take on the young genre, bringing persistent army building and RPG elements to provide more strategy and depth.

Being created by a small indie studio, I wore many hats on the project. I served as a game/narrative designer, producer, and QA Lead. My biggest roles were in game design and production.

I created the Ascension mechanic (see the above screenshot). This provides players an incentive to continue leveling their units. A player can earn more copies of a unit through battle rewards. Combining the copies together levels up a unit. When a unit hits level five, it Ascends and provides an Ascension point for players to use in one of four skill trees. Each skill tree has its own theme and mixture of offensive and defensive passives. These global passives are always in play, no matter the combination of units or battles. This is just one of many examples where I served as a Game Designer.

Narwhal Heist, 2019

Role: Level Designer

Narwhal Heist is a comedic stealth platformer that utilizes extreme physics, creating a unique challenge.

As a fairly new Level Designer, I sketched ideas out on paper and then blocked them out in Unreal. I became very familiar with BSP and fell in love with it.

My previous experience with the Unreal Engine had been limited to Blueprints, so being a Level Designer on this project provided me the opportunity to dive into an entirely different area of the engine which was rewarding and fun.

Perspectrum, 2018

Role: Level Designer

Perspectrum is a 2D puzzle platformer that was created in libGDX and published in 2018.

The project was a 3-person team. We met during our undergraduate programs and stayed in touch through our university’s game developer club, a thing we restarted.

I was brought on towards the end of development as a Level Designer and was able to create levels quickly as the programmer had mechanics for me to utilize already.