Designer Roles

Carb Up

Role(s): Game Designer/Programmer

Carb Up Cover
Carb Up Cover

Carb Up is a simple and addicting mobile game created for the 26th Godot Wild Jam. Launch yourself as a piece of toast and fly sky high! Collect pads of butter to maintain your speed and avoid slabs of jam that will slow you down. If you collect enough pads of butter, you are given a combo jump, and you can wall jump every few seconds. This game was created in a span of 9 days by a team of 3 in the Godot Engine.

I served as the lead Game Designer and one of the programmers on the project. I had the idea for the game based on the theme of Bread and thought the concept of launching toast would be fun yet simple, especially with global leaderboards. I found a third party plugin for the leaderboard, SilentWolf, and integrated it into the project.

Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

Force of Nature

Role(s): Game Designer/Artist

Force of Nature Cover

Force of Nature reminds players to get in touch with their roots. Play as the protector of your forest and its people. Use abilities to stop those who want to destroy your lands! Build structures to gain resources and increase your strength, expanding the energy and life of the forest.

This Ludum Dare 44 entry was created by a team of 3 in the Godot Engine. We all collaborated on the game’s design. I chose to take on a new role outside of Game Design and worked on creating some of the in-game assets. It allowed me a chance to try out Asesprite and pixel art.

Roaming Ravenous

Role(s): Level Designer/Producer

Roaming Ravenous is a neon dystopian game about collecting pizza from an oppressive government. The intention of this jam project was to showcase the 3D capabilities of the Godot Engine in the Unity vs Unreal vs Godot game jam.

I served as the Producer and Level Designer of the project. Scheduling meetings, managing the Trello board, designing the level, and placing collectibles were my responsibility.