Kati Baker
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Perspectrum is a 2-D puzzle platformer developed by indie game developer ProudMom Games. Players take the role of the Tall Stranger, a being who has awakened with the power to use ancient fountains to change the elements of the world. The stranger must use spirit fragments scattered throughout the various levels to bring the mountain back to life. The game includes an overworld and five dungeons, each introducing it’s own unique mechanic to help collect more spirit fragments.

My Contributions

I served as one of the level designers on the project. I would sketch levels on paper and then put those ideas into the editor, using the custom made level editor provided by the team. After that, my levels would be passed onto playtesters to see if it was a viable level for the game. You can see a draft level below and read more about my process on Perspectrum’s Blog.

A draft of a level in Perspectrum
A draft of a level in Perspectrum