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Godot Wild Jam

This game jam is here to inspire you to let go of your limits and Go Wild. Make a game in 9 days, and be part of a monthly event that will give you experience, add to the Godot community, and help further develop the engine. We strongly encourage the use of Godot 3.1 so as to stress test the engine, but all levels of experience are welcome. Please be sure to report any bugs you discover!

I’ve primarily been the lead organizer and host of this game jam since September 2018. Every month, we have at least 100 participants. Our community is both encouraging and helpful to everyone. We take pride in being active and helping the Godot Engine grow.

The above image on the left is an info graphic marking our half year, and we now have around 1,000 Discord members! Godot Wildlings are the winners for each jam, and they earn a free t-shirt as pictured on the right.