Nuvalis Campaign Trail, Game Jam

Nuvalis Campaign Trail was created by a team of 2 for the 1-year anniversary of the Godot Wild Jam which is a 9 day game jam. The theme was to pick 2 out of the 3 words (Chain, Destruction, Harvest). We chose Chain and Harvest. Your goal in the game is to harvest favor with the people of your land to become elected Chief Crown Minister. It’s playable in browser here.

My Role

I served as the main programmer, designer, and writer of the project. I used various forms of procedural generation to generate different town names, population numbers, varying sizes and numbers of factions.

I, with help from the other team member, had help in generating scenarios, choices, and the consequences. The win condition is a simple favor check with all the factions. If a majority like you, you are elected. There were plans to add an AI to compete against as well as cleaning up more of the user interface.