Roaming Ravenous – Game Jam

Roaming Ravenous, 2019, Godot Engine

Roaming Ravenous is a 3D action platformer that won the Unity vs Unreal vs Godot: The Threeway Battle (Season 2) game jam. The game was made in 10 days with a team of 4 people. The premise is that Fred, the player, is seeking out pizza slices as the oppressive, dystopian government has taken it from him.

My Role

I served as the team’s producer and level designer, scheduling our team meetings, setting the pace of development, and eventually designing our level. I worked closely with the artist on our team who made all the environment and character models. Working with the artist helped me design which platforms to use and where. Our programmer who did the player controller and physics of the game helped me narrow down metrics such as jump distance and jump height.

An aerial shot of the level where the player starts.
A zoomed out shot to show the verticality of the level. We wanted the level to feel cramped while simultaneously floating