Kati Baker

WV 4-H: Alpha II 2019

Came back from volunteering at Alpha II again! What a fantastic week. We took a picture of the camp with a drone in the shape of the state, and I was able to teach a class on Game Development!

We used the Godot Engine and made the bare bones of a simple 2-D platformer. Each day, I had the campers for one hour and covered a decent amount of ground for children who had no prior game dev experience.

  • Sprite
  • Collisions
  • Scripting (constants, variables, functions)
  • Inputs

I had help in the form of a special education teacher who at first didn’t think she would be able to assist much. Yet, the following days she preferred taking charge in troubleshooting kids’ issues. It made me think that developing high school curriculum for teachers to use with the Godot Engine might be pretty feasible.

The engine is such a small download that we were able to use flash drives to transfer it from one machine to the next. It even runs pretty well on older laptops. Hmm…Something to consider, certainly.

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