Battlegrounds: Ascension is a deck building based auto battler developed by FlashForward Games. It is currently in early access on the Google Play Store. It is a unique take on the young genre, bringing persistent army building and RPG elements to provide more strategy and depth.

Being created by a small indie studio, I wore many hats on the project. I served as a game designer, narrative designer, producer, and community developer. My biggest roles were in game design and production. I created the Ascension mechanic (highlighted below in screenshots), providing players an incentive to continue leveling their units. When a unit hits level 5, it Ascends and provides an Ascension point for players to use to earn global passives that are always in play, no matter the combination of units or battle. This is just one of many examples where I provided game design.

I also served as a producer, creating timelines, sprints, and tasks for our programmers. I met with them daily, providing feedback and direction while keeping priority on what milestones needed to be met next. I served as a liaison between our project manager and the programmers which sped our production up immensely. Being able to communicate the vision from the project manager to the programmers proved to be invaluable and understanding the technical constraints and time and effort needed to bring that vision to life allowed me to prevent burnout to our team.

The game is set to leave early access in Summer 2021.